Why You Should Be Using Email Templates in Your Design Business

How many times have you found yourself checking your inbox feeling overwhelmed with the number of emails that need responses? Within that list of emails in your inbox, there are likely new leads that want to schedule a discovery call and new clients who need onboarding. Once you finally find the time to spend in your inbox, you find yourself retyping the same scheduling email or welcome email that you just sent to another client last month. If this sounds like you, then it is time to consider utilizing email templates! 

I am sharing my top reasons below for why you should be using email templates in your design business!

Email Templates Save you Time & Energy

Instead of taking fifteen to thirty minutes to write the perfect email with all of the necessary links and documents, imagine spending less than five minutes? Having email templates for each step in your typical client process is guaranteed to save you time and energy. You will no longer need to find the perfect words each time as they will all be there at the click of a button. Not only will you benefit from the extra time, but your clients will appreciate the responsiveness!

Let’s look at a challenging email, such as the “not a good fit” email. It’s natural that not every lead will be a good fit, yet you still dread sending that email and spending way too much time and mental energy trying to find the right words. With a template, you will be able to hit send in a minute or two and move on to the next lead. You can even have your go-to referrals in the template so that you can recommend other designers that may be a better fit. 

Email Templates Keeps Your Brand Consistent

Similar to your visuals, it is essential to have a consistent brand voice across your social media, client guides, newsletter, and your email correspondence. Have you ever sent an email only to revisit later and realize you wrote that email in a rush, or maybe you were having an off day? Perhaps you are guilty of keeping too many draft emails so that you can review them one last time before hitting send.

Utilizing email templates in your design business is a guaranteed way to ensure your voice and message are always consistent, no matter the day or time!

Let’s look at a project close-out email for an example. When a project wraps up, you want to send a final email and end on a good note, regardless of any hiccups that may have occurred. Having an email template with an appropriate tone and message will ensure you close-out the project with the right message.

If you have a team or expect to have a team in the future, having email templates in place will also ensure that your team can send emails with the correct greeting, signature, and overall message.

Email Template Improve Your Client Experience 

Take a second to think about how many emails you have sent that start off with “sorry for the delay” or the number of emails you have had from clients checking in because they haven’t heard from you much that week. 

Sometimes life gets busy, and it is hard to find time to respond to emails, but having email templates can help. While not every email can benefit from a template, many of them can. Utilizing email templates will help improve your response time which will lead to an enhanced client experience. 

Let’s look at a weekly update email for an example. Maybe you started with good intentions to send your client updates weekly, but you get caught up in other areas of your business. Utilizing a standard email template can cut out the email set-up time so that you only have to enter a few new details each week and hit send. This template can cut the time in half! Better yet, you can send someone on your team two or three bullet point updates and have them send the email knowing that there is a template in place. 

Having email templates at the ready will save you time and energy. Email templates will also ensure that all correspondence is consistent and that your clients have a great experience working with you.

If you are ready to implement email templates in your design business but don’t have the time to sit down and write them, head over to my shop page to check out the email templates I created specifically for interior designers! The email templates include over 15 emails that you can start implementing immediately with Dubsado, Gmail, or any email system!

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