You’ve heard all the buzz about Dubsado being used by interior designers, but are still wondering, “Is it worth the time? Does it have what I need?”

You have come to the right place! I help interior designers specifically with their Dubsado Setup and I promise I’ve heard all the questions and have many of their answers!

Let’s first go over all the uses i’ve seen Dubsado used for as an Interior Designer:

  1. Contact form – this is created in Dubsado, embedded on your website and brings them into Dubsado as a lead
  2. Welcome Guide – The welcome guide can be added to the initial email sent out so that your lead immediately gets further info about your firm and you didn’t have to lift a finger!
  3. Scheduler – Use Dubsado’s scheduler to send them your availability for the Discovery Call and again for your Consultation. You can connect both and invoice and a questionnaire to the scheduler in a really cohesive and professional way!
  4. Questionnaires – Designers use questionnaires for things like determining design style and feedback/reviews.
  5. Client Homework and presentation approvals/revisions – using forms like Proposals and Questionnaires
  6. Contracts – digitally sign in Dubsado
  7. Templated emails!
  8. Client Portal – this is incredibly useful as a hub for all client communication

Now, let’s go over some of the more frequently asked questions I get when on a Discovery Call:

  1. Can I use Dubsado for project management too?
    • No. Not in a way that really behooves you as a designer. It is a client management tool, which means it deals with the client facing portion of your business. Use Dubsado in conjunction with a specific project management program
  2. Do I need Calendly anymore?
    • Nope! It can connect to Dubsado using Zapier, and while some prefer it over Dubsado’s scheduler, you lose a lot of automation by not using Dubsado’s scheduler
  3. Do I invoice using Dubsado?
    • I suggest using their invoicing only for collecting the consultation fee and maybe the retainer. This allows you to maximize automation and elevate the client experience. Beyond that, you will want to use Quickbooks or your Design program to invoice for the bigger fees and product.
  4. How much does Dubsado cost?
    • $35/mo or $350/yr – use HANNAHBOWYERANDCOMPANY to get 20% off your first month or first year

If you are still manually writing and sending all your client emails, Dubsado will save you time.

If you are still going back and forth with your client about appointment availability, Dubsado will save you time.

If you are using Google Forms or the like, Dubsado will save you time.

Interested in how Dubsado can change how your firm does business? Let’s connect 🙂

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