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  • Send and collect e-signatures
  • Imbed contact form created in Dubsado onto website to pull all received info into client’s project
  • Create and send questionnaires
  • Send proposals
  • Send invoices
  • Schedule calls/meetings
  • House emails as templates – no more copy and pasting!
  • Automate your process
  • Connect to your Gmail and calendar
  • and so many more nuanced things
The short answer? YES, unless you’re using Indema! They all serve different purposes. Asana is your Project Management tool. It helps you keep Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every project and makes sure you aren’t missing pieces. Your Design platform manages the nitty gritty of the design-related portions. Think vendors, sourced items (& markup), and bookkeeping. Dubsado is taking care of the client communications. It streamlines the sending and receiving of all information that you need to communicate to a client.
Nope! You can cancel all of those subscriptions and save yourself a few bucks! Dubsado has the ability to create and send questionnaires, schedule calls using a calendar (and it’ll link with Zoom!) and collect E-signatures for your contracts.
Yes and no. I recommend keeping all of your product invoicing out of Dubsado. Purely because your design program will keep better track of your markup and taxes. Dubsado makes it super easy to collect payment, so for services you can totally use it. I personally love the feature where you can link and invoice to your scheduler. So when your client goes to schedule their Consultation, they are taken to the invoice after selecting their date. By doing this, you ensure that they have paid prior to your visit and you didn’t have to ask!
It will take about 2 weeks from the time of our start date.

The specifics change from business to business, but in general you will need:

  • Your PROCESS for your service(s)
  • Your COPY for emails, proposals, and questionnaires
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