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We’re the left brain to your right brain. We help you get streamlined systems in place so you can focus on your favorite parts of your job.

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You are rewriting your emails for every new client

You are currently using several 3rd party systems to have your client sign your contract or send a questionnaire or schedule a call

You are forgetting who you responded to or where a potential client is in your process

Friend, Dubsado is the help you have been looking for!

You desire to provide an elevated client experience

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What we want you to know about our Setup

Know your business could be more efficient, but don’t have the time or energy to put better systems in place? We’ve been there. And we’ve seen firsthand how Dubsado is the answer to many interior designers’ overwhelm.

Now, there’s no way around it — Dubsado is a beast of a platform to set up. But it’s also an incredible powerhouse, streamlining your business and saving your hours each week once it’s up and running. And that’s exactly what we do.

Our experts take the initial setup and frustration off your hands, customizing the platform specifically for you and your business. Then, we walk you through your finished — and uniquely you — platform, giving you the resources, skills, and confidence you need to make day-to-day business easier.

Run into a hiccup as you learn? We’ve got you covered. With a resource library, video tutorials, and ongoing support, you’ll have everything you need to set your business up for success for the months and years ahead

I would have never been able to set all of this up on my own, and you saved me hours of headache. I’m thankful to have a process i can automate and replicate from client to client.
- Lauren

Client Love

Process mapping call

Strategy session 
(is required for dubsado setup)

This meeting is $450 & Paid at the time of booking

With so many "aha moments", this is hands down our clients' favorite part.

We sit down on a 1.5 -2 hr Zoom meeting and dive deep into your processes, specifically how it relates to your clients. 

I create a beautiful flow chart of your ideal client experience, providing you with clarity and direction.

You will receive the flowchart as a branded PDF to use internally with your team. 

Premium Dubsado Setup

  • Branded Customization of all of your forms created in Dubsado such as proposals, questionnaires, contract and portal.
  • Creation of scheduler templates for your various calls
  • Build Workflows for your entire process with all necessary components
  • Email content input
  • Email and Loom Videos to keep you up to date throughout your project
  • Access to our Dubsado Training Videos Library
  • 1 month of support via email


Your Investment Begins at: $3500
(50% up front to hold your spot and the additional when it is time for me to begin in Dubsado)

Schedule your Discovery Call!


Schedule a free discovery call with me! This will help me better understand where your business is at and what your needs are for using Dubsado.

STEP 02. Book your Process Mapping Call

This is a paid 1.5-2hr Zoom Meeting where we strategize your ideal client experience, mapping it all into a pretty flowchart! Think of it as a consultation, but for Dubsado!

Step 03. Sign Contract

Once the Process Mapping Call is complete, you will receive a branded PDF of your mapped out client experience & your custom Dubsado Setup proposal. Sign & pay 50% to kickoff your setup with us!

Step 04. Content 

You get to work compiling all of the content that makes up your process so that it's ready for us to implement!

Step 05. Automation Implementation

Finally, all of your hard work is complete and now it’s our turn to take over!
You pay the remaining balance and then we get to work. Your process will be streamlined into a beautiful semi-automated system! No more wasted hours.

Step 06. Support phase

Once your system is completed, we walk you through your finished platform. We arm you with resources so that you have confidence in using Dubsado.
You will have 1 month of support for any help that you may need! We want to make sure that you step into your system feeling confident and ready to rock your client experience!

Dubsado Setup: What to Expect

The entire set-up process was a great experience and helped us review and revise our internal processes. The instruction videos were a great reference guide and helpful training tool! We would highly recommend Hannah and the Dubsado management platform.
- Aspen & Ivy

Client Love



What can Dubsado do?

Send and collect e-signatures
Imbed contact form created in Dubsado onto website to pull all received info into client’s project
Create and send questionnaires
Send proposals
Send invoices

Schedule calls/meetings
House emails as templates – no more copy and pasting!
Automate your process
Connect to your Gmail and calendar
and so many more nuanced things

Do I need Asana and (insert Design platform here) and Dubsado?

The short answer? YES, unless you're using Indema!  They all serve different purposes. Asana is your Project Management tool. It helps you keep Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every project and makes sure you aren’t missing pieces. Your Design platform manages the nitty gritty of the design-related portions. Think vendors, sourced items (& markup), and bookkeeping. Dubsado is taking care of the client communications. It streamlines the sending and receiving of all information that you need to communicate to a client.

Do I need Typeform, Calendly or Adobe if I use Dubsado?

Nope! You can cancel all of those subscriptions and save yourself a few bucks! Dubsado has the ability to create and send questionnaires, schedule calls using a calendar (and it’ll link with Zoom!) and collect E-signatures for your contracts. 

Can I bill using Dubsado?

Yes and no. I recommend keeping all of your product invoicing out of Dubsado. Purely because your design program will keep better track of your markup and taxes. Dubsado makes it super easy to collect payment, so for services you can totally use it. I personally love the feature where you can link and invoice to your scheduler. So when your client goes to schedule their Consultation, they are taken to the invoice after selecting their date. By doing this, you ensure that they have paid prior to your visit and you didn’t have to ask! 

How long does it take to setup Dubsado?

It will take about 2 weeks from the time of our start date. 

What do I need in order for you to get started?

The specifics change from business to business, but in general you will need:
-your PROCESS for your service(s)
-your COPY for emails, proposals, and questionnaires