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Have you heard of the platform Indema yet, Designers?! Indema combines many of the tools and platforms you already use in your design business into one business and design management platform. That’s right, that means everything is organized in one place when you use Indema, including client management, billing, social media management, task management, mood […]

It’s that time of year again, designers! The time for holiday shopping for friends, family, and last but not least, clients!  Giving a gift to your clients is a great way to bring a smile to their face, thank them for choosing you, and another opportunity to create a lasting impression, so they remember to […]

You’ve heard all the buzz about Dubsado being used by interior designers, but are still wondering, “Is it worth the time? Does it have what I need?” You have come to the right place! I help interior designers specifically with their Dubsado Setup and I promise I’ve heard all the questions and have many of […]

Interior Designers, we know you’ve all heard of/used Ivy, DesignFiles, MyDoma, etc. but have you heard of Indema (IN-terior DE-sign MA-nagement)? I am so stinkin excited about this platform and the people that run it! Reasons why you should check out and consider Indema: 01. The founder, Timothy, and his team CARE about the functionality […]

You’re not alone, friend! Here are some important things points to remember: Dubsado uses foundational items to build on each other or nest within each other such as: Forms Emails Scheduler Payment schedules Packages The key to building a workflow in Dubsado is getting all of these foundational items created before ever starting the automation […]