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As an Interior Designer, your business needs are extremely nuanced and are constantly evolving. It is my mission to help you build a successful business. Whether you’re looking for coaching or project management, I’ve got people for you! Below are several service providers who work with designers, all passionate about helping you become the best […]

Sometimes it just helps to SEE solutions in action. Check out this YouTube video walkthrough of Dubsado and how you as an Interior Designer can use it to elevate your client experience and automate your onboarding process.

Perhaps you heard about Dubsado on a podcast or maybe a fellow designer has mentioned it, but you have questions! I want to share with you some of the questions I get often to hopefully clear up some confusion! Feel free to reach out if you have others not covered. Do I need Asana and […]

You may have been hearing about Dubsado for some time now, perhaps on a podcast or from a peer. Have you wondered, “Would Dubsado work for me?” I could talk your ear off about all of its features and the time it would save you, but this time I wanted you to hear it from […]

We know this to be true: Running a business is hard! What I’m hearing from so many of you is that you feel unorganized, inefficient, and confused when it comes to streamlining your business. My hope with this blog post is to shed some light on what some of your options are and how they […]

I love working from home. I can design my workday however I want and listen to whatever inspires me. I listen to a mixture of business and self-growth podcasts, so if that’s right up your alley, keep reading! Interior Design Specific Podcasts Designers Getting Coffee Podcast   – I absolutely love listening to these gals […]

I am so excited to be sharing with you my FAVORITE business tool. I have written about other tools I use HERE, but this has been a gamechanger for my business. What is Dubsado you ask? In Dubsado’s words, it is a robust “business management solution designed to cut out the busy work. Build relationships, […]

You know how when you first get started in business you try a whole lot of programs not sure what will fit? Even the interface and the way you interact with the program greatly determines your success using it. Well I tried a lot. If you’ve heard it then I probably at least trial ran […]

Being an entrepreneur is SCARY! It’s hard to look past your perceived limitations and DREAM BIG. Have you ever met a person that had this “nothing is impossible” outlook? I have this one friend that challenges me to dream. If she thinks of something new that excites her or inspires her, she doesn’t let the […]