How Hannah Bowyer & Company is Assisting Interior Designers with Procurement

As an interior designer, you invest a tremendous amount of time and effort in creating stunning designs and overseeing projects. However, we understand that the procurement phase can be overwhelming. It involves various computer tasks behind the scenes, such as preparing proposals, requesting quotes, placing orders, and tracking products. With your busy schedule, attending site visits and meetings, our team at Hannah Bowyer and Company is here to assist you.

We specialize in streamlining the procurement phase for interior designers. From organizing items in selection sheets to tracking products for client updates and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will provide valuable insights into how we can help you navigate through the procurement process seamlessly and ensure the project progresses smoothly toward installation.


Organizing your product library and setting up selection sheets is a crucial initial step in the procurement phase. After presenting your design, we will seamlessly integrate all the products into your design management system. We ensure that all the necessary product information is added, leaving you to focus solely on the financials. Additionally, we create a comprehensive spreadsheet for each product, serving as a valuable resource throughout the procurement phase for tracking purposes. Furthermore, this spreadsheet can be shared with your receiving warehouse or incorporated into your spec book.


Once all the items have been added to your design management platform, we are ready to help you create proposals. While our designers typically handle the financial aspects of the proposals, we can assist with obtaining quotes and entering data. Once the pricing is finalized, we will finalize the proposal for you to send to your client.


Once your proposal has received approval, we are ready to lend a hand with purchase orders. We can either prepare purchase orders based on your company templates for you to submit to vendors, or with your consent, we can handle the submission process on your behalf. Furthermore, once the items have been ordered, we can also generate purchase orders in your design management platform to ensure accurate bookkeeping records.


Ensuring a seamless procurement process for you and your clients relies on having up-to-date information about your products. At Hannah Bowyer & Company, our primary procurement service is product tracking. Even if we haven’t assisted with the proposals and purchase orders, you can simply provide us with the order numbers and your vendor logins, and we’ll take care of tracking your orders. While we utilize a spreadsheet to keep track of products, we’ll also ensure that your design management platform and client portal are regularly updated with the latest information.


Effective communication is essential during the procurement process, and we make it our priority to keep our clients well-informed at every stage. We provide comprehensive updates on all procurement matters, ranging from delivery schedules and tracking numbers to other pertinent details. Whether it’s through a weekly update or by updating your design management platform, we ensure that our clients and their clients receive the information they need in a timely manner.

Procurement is a necessary yet time-consuming task for interior designers. It entails a multitude of administrative tasks, ranging from data entry to product tracking. Our goal is to simplify the entire process and reduce your workload. We are dedicated to removing the stress associated with procurement, giving you more time to concentrate on designing and overseeing projects. Get in touch with us to discover how we can streamline your procurement process!

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