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In talking to so many designers over the past few years I hear several common thoughts: “I am offering a luxury service, I don’t want to seem impersonal” or its “I am too slow in responding to leads. It can be days or a week before they hear back from me.” Your process should have […]

Emily has been a long time client of HB & co. and we love watching her firm grow! We assist her with everything from floor plans to renderings to presentations. Getting to be a part of the entire process is a joy. She works exclusively with Emily, one of our VAs, and Emily knows her […]

Your Dubsado setup is complete and you just hung up from your training call showing you the beautiful new platform in which you will interact and service your clients from. Now what? As Dubsado set up experts we understand that learning a new platform while running a busy design firm is incredibly daunting. You just […]

“Recession proof your business.” We hear this everywhere right now, don’t we? It is scary to feel out of control. If you let it, you easily spiral into a scarcity mindset. I think our brains hear “recession” and miss the verb, the ACTION that’s needed. We are flipping the narrative to proof our businesses against […]

Have you heard of the platform Indema yet, Designers?! Indema combines many of the tools and platforms you already use in your design business into one business and design management platform. That’s right, that means everything is organized in one place when you use Indema, including client management, billing, social media management, task management, mood […]

It’s that time of year again, designers! The time for holiday shopping for friends, family, and last but not least, clients!  Giving a gift to your clients is a great way to bring a smile to their face, thank them for choosing you, and another opportunity to create a lasting impression, so they remember to […]

You’ve heard all the buzz about Dubsado being used by interior designers, but are still wondering, “Is it worth the time? Does it have what I need?” You have come to the right place! I help interior designers specifically with their Dubsado Setup and I promise I’ve heard all the questions and have many of […]

Interior Designers, we know you’ve all heard of/used Ivy, DesignFiles, MyDoma, etc. but have you heard of Indema (IN-terior DE-sign MA-nagement)? I am so stinkin excited about this platform and the people that run it! Reasons why you should check out and consider Indema: 01. The founder, Timothy, and his team CARE about the functionality […]

Highpoint Market was an absolute BLAST. I’d go both in the Spring and Fall if I could! I was invited by a client of mine to join her for the long weekend and was introduced to so many phenomenal vendors and designers.  Here are my top tips for your next trip to High Point: Tip […]

How many times have you found yourself checking your inbox feeling overwhelmed with the number of emails that need responses? Within that list of emails in your inbox, there are likely new leads that want to schedule a discovery call and new clients who need onboarding. Once you finally find the time to spend in […]