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We love making interior designers' lives easier through professional, reliable assistant services and business support.

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Who we are

Let's make running your business easier

At Hannah Bowyer and company, we're a team of expert virtual assistants and business management specialists who love making interior designers' lives easier.

Hyper-organized and strategic, we implement digital tools and share resources to streamline your systems and free up your creative brain power. We're your trusted guides to help you create a more efficient, profitable business.

About me

I’m Hannah, owner and founder of Hannah Bowyer & Company. A military wife and mom of two, I know how stressful balancing work and life can be. That’s why I love what I do.

I started as a freelance VA for interior designers, but quickly realized there were so many more ways I could be helping them run their businesses more effectively.

I tackled the challenge head-on (as any true Enneagram 6w7 would), digging deep into systems and business platforms I knew would streamline their workloads and free up their creative time and energy. Over the years, I’ve assembled a team of experts who are all eager to see your design business succeed — and who pride themselves on delivering the best experience possible.

I love knowing that our clients are saving time and creating more efficient businesses, so they can enjoy what matters most.

When I’m not at my laptop, I’m outside and enjoying the sunshine. These days, that means exploring our new neighborhood in South Korea where my family’s currently stationed. I’m a coffee addict and a lover of the mountains. My current creative project? Restoring our vintage Airstream trailer, which we’re eager to pile into and explore the west coast once we’re back stateside.

Until then, I’ll keep sipping my vanilla lattes and partnering with designers like you to create an efficient, thriving business so you can enjoy more profit and more freedom.



We don’t simply swoop in and cross items off your to-do list. We take the time to get to know you and your unique business, so we can strategize and make your processes as effective and efficient as possible.

Problem solving


We know you’re busy. That’s why you’re here! We’ve honed our processes to be as thorough as possible in the least amount of time. So you can get back to running the business you’ve worked so hard to build.



The design world is an ever-changing industry, and we pride ourselves on evolving alongside it to bring you exactly what you need. We stay on top of the best practices and tech advancements, honing our skills to keep your business at peak performance. So we don’t just get you up to speed, we keep you up to speed.

Relationships are the foundation of everything we do. We work together to find the best solutions to streamline your processes — and we celebrate with you as your business grows.



Business is personal. And trust is everything. That’s why we pride ourselves on being skilled creators and reliable partners. So you can hand off projects with confidence, knowing we’ll exceed your expectations every time.



Our Values

Meet the team!

Joanna // wears all the hats - Indema Concierge, Invoicing, product tracking, blog writing and rendering

1) I am a huge dog lover and especially love my rescue pup, Brooklyn 
2) I have an addiction to coffee, particularly cold brew! 
3) My favorite place I have traveled to is Kauai 

Emily // Project Manager & VDA (and my sister)

1) Love all things sports, especially football and ufc 
2) Love to organize everything there is to be organized
3) Love music and writing

Gracie // Dubsado Assistant

1) I ADORE making espresso & my husband and i plan to start a coffee shop together in the future!
2) I am a homeschool mama to my 2 kiddos: my daughter Selah who is 3, and my son Benaiah who is 16 months!
3) The mountains are where i belong. Glacier National Park is my favorite place on earth. :heart: