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Save Time in Your Day Using Email Templates

March 7, 2023

I am reminded of the line from the 1995 “Sabrina” with Harrison Ford where Sabrina and Ford’s character Linus, are in his private jet and she asks “Don’t you ever look out the window?” to which he responds, “When do I have time?”. Sabrina then asks, “What happened to all that time we saved taking the helicopter?” Linus lightheartedly says, “I’m storing it up”.

You may or may not be “storing up” your time, but without a doubt, email templates will allow you to do other things like focusing on high-value tasks. Eliminating the need to start from scratch with each email streamlines your communication workflows. Responding quickly to clients’ needs by selecting the appropriate template and customizing it as needed will help with turnaround times and client satisfaction!

We are all about helping Interior Designers be more efficient in their business, so we’ve taken the most popular emails used in a client’s process to include 13+ fill-in-the-blank templated emails. It’s as simple as copy/pasting the desired email, filling in the blanks and clicking send.

The emails included are:

  • Welcome! Let’s schedule a Discovery Call 
  • Let’s schedule a Consultation 
  • Not a good fit 
  • Discovery Call Reminder 
  • Consultation Reminder 
  • Preparing your Proposal 
  • Your Proposal is Ready! 
  • Your Contract is Ready! 
  • Thank you for signing 
  • Welcome to the family 
  • Working on your Design Presentation 
  • Weekly Update 
  • Your Design Presentation is Ready 
  • Time to schedule your Install 
  • Thank you 
  • Bonus emails 

You can use these email templates with or without Dubsado. Using Dubsado will allow you to generate self-populating fields to save even more time!

What to save even more time? We have templates not only for your Investment and Welcome Guide, but also your entire Dubsado Setup!

As always, reach out to ask any questions!

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