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Top Five Features of Indema That Will Help Streamline Your Interior Design Business Operations

February 22, 2022

Have you heard of the platform Indema yet, Designers?! Indema combines many of the tools and platforms you already use in your design business into one business and design management platform. That’s right, that means everything is organized in one place when you use Indema, including client management, billing, social media management, task management, mood boards, and more. We are thoroughly impressed with this platform and believe it can help streamline your business, so we wanted to share our five favorite platform features.

Task Management

Having a project management tool is essential to staying organized and on task. With Indema, you can manage all of the tasks you need to complete for your projects. You can create a project template with all of the associated checklist items that would be required for each design phase. This can then be used over and over with each new project. This allows for quick setup and ensures you don’t miss any pieces.

You can organize your tasks by phase, assign tasks to the appropriate team member, assign due dates, and track the status of each task. Another feature is that you can also track the time spent on each task. 

Indema also has some great reporting features that will help you monitor the success of your business. You can pull tasks reports, and project status reports to get a high-level overview of your projects. 

Social Media Management

Managing social media can seem daunting, but Indema has a new feature that makes it easy. You can now use Indema to schedule and automatically post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can even see analytics to assess your social media growth. 

Indema is continuously making updates, and they are working on adding a Canva integration which will make creating and posting content more seamless. 

Design Management

Inside Indema, there are also tools to help with designing, sourcing, and managing products for each of your projects. You can use Indema to create vision boards to share your designs with your clients. You can easily select your sourced items, remove backgrounds, change the size of an image, and even generate a list of items used with pricing. 

Indema also includes some excellent product sourcing and tracking tools. Using the web clipper feature, you can easily create a list of products with products you sourced from the web. All essential project information can be stored in this list, such as costs, vendors, ship dates, receive dates, and more. You can also download PDF tearsheets that will incorporate your branding. 

With Indema, you can also create estimates to send to the client for approval, and these estimates will auto-covert to invoices and purchase orders. Such a huge time saver!!

Employee Management

Indema also provides tools to help you manage your employees. You can create an employee portal to have only the information they need. You can have employees use Indema to clock in, clock out, and request time off. 

As mentioned previously, you can also keep your employees on track by assigning them tasks in Indema and tracking the time spent on each task. 


Using Indema, you can track your time and easily create a time invoice to get paid. Create an estimate and once approved by the client it will convert to an invoice that the client easily pay using stripe, paypal, razorpay or paystack. You can also integrate with quickbooks which we definitely would recommend (contact your bookeeper/accountant for best practices).

(Final notes: I would be remiss to not mention that Indema DOES have light client management features. It can bring in leads, you can set up a series of emails and you can send your contract through it. However, coming from a Dubsado expert where there is an entire platform designed to manage just this, I feel that your onboarding client management is better accomplished using Dubsado. Then, as i’ve always suggested, bring in your design platform of choice to manage the client/project once they are signed. This allows you to capitalize on the expertise of two amazing programs. Reach out and I am more than happy to assess your firm’s needs.)

If you are looking for help streamlining your business, we highly recommend checking out Indema. This business and design management platform will give you all of the tools you need to run your business in one place! 

We are excited to be a Certified Partner with Indema! Coming March 2022 we will begin offering Indema Setups!

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  1. coco says:

    Hi, do you know of a bookeeping service that knows how to use Indema also? That is key! Thanks

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