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Why Indema is the Next Up & Coming Design Platform

July 21, 2021

Interior Designers, we know you’ve all heard of/used Ivy, DesignFiles, MyDoma, etc. but have you heard of Indema (IN-terior DE-sign MA-nagement)?

I am so stinkin excited about this platform and the people that run it!

Reasons why you should check out and consider Indema:

01. The founder, Timothy, and his team CARE about the functionality and features of this program. They are always asking for feedback and features that designers would like to see. Timothy is humble and really embodies the community over competition mindset. If you schedule a demo, most likely you’ll be hoping on a call with him. You’ll immediately hear the care he has for your firm.

They put it best:

02. Things you have grown to love and are used to having; Web Clipper, QuickBooks Integration, Zoom Integration, VisionBoard (in Beta, click here for the rundown), client approval on sourced items (in Beta, click here to learn more), Purchase Orders, Time tracking. Read the full feature list HERE

03. Customizable interface! If you aren’t using a feature, go to settings and just remove it from your dashboard and sidebar!

04. Easy use! The dashboard is really user friendly and when I asked Timothy what he recommends new-to-the-platform designer do first he said, “go to your settings, remove whatever you won’t use and then start working your way down the sidebar to get yourself setup”.

05. Pricing. It is so stinkin affordable. Timothy would rather have this platform in the hands of designers who need it, over making a quick buck. Seriously. He will tell you straight up, he’s not in this for the money.  

Have questions about the platform? I’d be happy to chat with you about it! Timothy however will have alllll the answers. So book a demo HERE

Want to see Indema for yourself? Use my Link (*affiliate) to get started!

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