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You’re a WHAT? 5 Things You Should Know About Me: an Interior Design Virtual Assistant

October 19, 2020

1.  I am PASSIONATE about helping you run your business with ease and confidence.

2.  I take your sketches and turn them into floor plans and 3D renders. Whether you need elevations for your general contractor, or you want your clients to have a clear picture of your design, I’m your gal!

3.  You’re getting paid to DESIGN. Stay in your zone of genius and hand over the busy work to me. This is what I do every day!

4.  I love taking your problems and discovering a solution! I.e. Client Onboarding Workflows with Dubsado.

5.  This job isn’t some side hustle. This is MY JOB. I take pride in learning the trade so that I can better serve you.

How I Got Here

I’ve always been a self-starter.

I started a dog-sitting business after I completed my Dog Obedience Certification, because I was a new mom and didn’t have time to train. After two kids, I lost my passion for dog training and decided I would be a retailer for LuLaRoe, an MLM retail company. I did that for two years and built my business from nothing and did really well!

I took what I knew from being in retail, the processes, programs, and overall grit and thought I’d jump into Virtual Assistance. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t cut out for financial bloggers and the like. I wanted to immerse myself in Interior Design, but were there even virtual assistants for Interior Designers? I wasn’t sure, but I was going to become one. I acquired a certification from Virtual Assistant Academy, I took courses from E-Design Workshop and then taught myself Home Designer by Chief Architect. I found a few others that were in-fact virtual assistants for Interior Designers and the fire was officially lit.

Let’s Get Personal!

So WHO am I?

For starters, I am obsessed with traveling. My husband and I are always planning our next adventure. It’s one of our greatest loves. We purchased a 1975 Airstream and love camping in it with our two kids. One day (dreaming big!) we will have it completely gutted and have it custom designed for us! Think Digital Nomad. Traveling and working, with a home base, is my dream!

I used to say I’m obsessed with coffee (prior barista here), but I’m REALLY trying hard to give it up. I found I don’t actually need it! Yes, I said it! But if we were to ever meet in person, PLEASE take me out to coffee!

I totally nerd out over the Enneagram. Yeah I know it’s becoming super trendy, especially in Christian groups, but it has given me language and an understanding of how others view the world. It has helped me own who I am. You should check it out if you’re not familiar! I always recommend this book “The Road Back to You”.

I look forward to getting to know you all better! I am always reachable by DM on Instagram.

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