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Using Dubsado for Your Interior Design Business

October 19, 2020

I am so excited to be sharing with you my FAVORITE business tool. I have written about other tools I use HERE, but this has been a gamechanger for my business.

What is Dubsado you ask? In Dubsado’s words, it is a robust “business management solution designed to cut out the busy work. Build relationships, schedule appointments and create workflows to streamline your onboarding projects from start to finish.”

It is seriously amazing!

You can use Dubsado for things like lead captures, canned emails, contracts, proposals, invoicing, scheduling calls and oh so much more!

If you’re like most people I know, you are crafting every email from scratch with every new client. Sure your contract has been the same, but not much about your process is consistent.

This is added stress and TIME.

What Dubsado helps you do is craft all of your canned emails, create proposal templates, questionnaires and then gives you a way to create an automated workflow!

So what does this look like for an interior designer wanting to use Dubsado?

Let’s dive in!

1.  Your contact form!

Even if your clients initially come into contact with your brand through Instagram, they will most likely land on your website to learn more about you and reach out to get details.

Dubsado allows you to set up a form and then imbed it in your website to capture your leads. THIS is the start of your workflow.

2.  Your automated workflow then sends a canned email that you have created, thanking them for their interest. In this email you can include a link that takes them to your Investment Guide or maybe you have more you want to know before scheduling your Discovery call. You can link a questionnaire to gather more details that way.

3.  Here is where I normally include a pause in the workflow. You need some time to look over their information filled out in their contact form or questionnaire.

4.  Once you’ve decided that you’d like to have them schedule a call, your workflow can be set to have an “approve button” for the next step. Click this button and you can have it already set to send the canned email with your scheduler link. The link takes to them to a calendar with predetermined time slots, so they can choose the best time for them based on your availability and it eliminates all of the back and forth emails!

You have already saved yourself so much time!

After your Discovery call, you get to pick up with the workflow where you left off. What is the most time-saving for you is creating a proposal template. With each new lead, your proposal template gets duplicated and you can customize as needed, but the framework is there and done!

Now here is one of the most exhilarating parts of this whole workflow..

You ready for it?

You can link your Proposal, your Contract and your Retainer payment to create one fluid customer experience that doesn’t require multiple emails!! They finish looking over and selecting packages in the proposal that then shows them the contract with the selected package. Once the contract is signed the invoice pops up! Within minutes you could be paid! 

A lot of this is done using smart fields. It is Dubsado’s way of auto-populating the already known information, like the client’s information, your business name, packages and package information and a TON more.

The other amazing feature of Dubsado is the client-facing portion. The client’s portal! Here they can see all of their documents, anything that needs to be completed, appointments scheduled, etc.  To get to it, you can either send a canned email with their auto-populated portal link and password, or you can direct them to the portal that you can also have imbedded into your website!

There is so much more to talk about, like how it links up with QuickBooks, how you can customize with images and on-brand fonts and colors, multi-users and their amazing customer service.

And finally, their trial period is not the typical two weeks, but 3 clients! This allows you to really get your feet wet. Using my affiliate link will give you 20% off either your first month or your first year!

Dubsado has so many how-to videos and workshops available to you if you have the time DIY it and set it all up. Once you understand the template and canned-email concepts you are well on your way to setting up your workflow. Or, if you’ve got too much on your plate to really give this the time and attention it will need, you can use me!

I work hands on as a virtual assistant to interior designers and understand the nature of your industry and the customization needed for each of your clients. I offer Dubsado workflow setup and template creation for interior designers to get your systems automated so that you not only save time onboarding your clients, but also give them a polished and professional experience.

Click HERE to read about all that is included your Dubsado setup service.

And if you’d rather set it up yourself, use this link to get your 20% off!

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