Your Dubsado setup is complete and you just hung up from your training call showing you the beautiful new platform in which you will interact and service your clients from. Now what? As Dubsado set up experts we understand that learning a new platform while running a busy design firm is incredibly daunting. You just restructured and solidified everything about how you interact with your clients. Thankfully, we have equipped you with the tools and resources needed to dive in. Your Resource Guide is packed full of information like how to get existing clients added to your data base or how to practice with a mock client. Dubsado is an incredibly robust program with layers upon layers and there is no one way to do everything. Here at HB & co. we believe we have mastered the most efficient set up for Interior Designers. In order for you, the designer, to master this platform, it will take some time and effort to learn. This will involve clicking through steps in the workflow even when it seems confusing, but don’t forget, we are the left brain to your right brain and ready to help you make design fun again! We are always just an email away.

In order to further reduce your overwhelm we have put together a few important tips below! Print them out, pin them up in your office and remember, you are working towards the goal of eliminating busy work and creating an efficient client process that will benefit your business for the long term.

Tips to Reduce Overwhelm with Dubsado

  • Bookmark and print your Resource Guide for easy access everyday!
  • Login and bookmark the training videos provided to you via Podia (link in your Resource Guide)
  • Schedule time to practice with a mock client in Dubsado
  • Create a simple note at the end of your initial email with clients letting them know you are integrating a new program and to excuse any hiccups.
  • Reach out to your Dubsado Experts at HB & co. with questions as you start using Dubsado in real time with your clients

Above all, remember the time you invest now will pay off months and years down the road. Soon you will know Dubsado like the back of your hand. We are excited to watch your business grow!

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