I love working from home. I can design my workday however I want and listen to whatever inspires me.

I listen to a mixture of business and self-growth podcasts, so if that’s right up your alley, keep reading!


Designers Getting Coffee Podcast  (no longer recording) – I absolutely love listening to these gals share the ins and outs of their business. They are authentic and share practical and insightful tips for Interior Designers. You’ll feel like you’ve found new friends!

Wingnut Social – Darla Powell hosts this podcast and it is all the nuts and bolts of showing up on social media specifically for Interior Designers. If you’re in the mood for quick takeaways and practical implementation, this podcast is for you!

The Kate Show – Kate hosts a podcast geared specifically towards Interior Designers and their marketing needs. Her topics feel much like a business coach’s insight and they are easy to act on. If you have questions about getting leads from your website, how to launch second income streams, team management or email marketing, you’ll find all that there plus a TON more.

A Well-Designed Business – LuAnn Nigara does an awesome job of really diving into the design industry. She has podcasts on systems and processes, technology, marketing, clients, branding and more!


Business Made Simple– Is a podcast with quick 20 min episodes that are topic-specific, designed to put into action after you’ve finished listening. Super helpful with a huge array of topics. ess nuggets. Every episode will give you clarity on how you can be a better business and business owner.

How She DidHow She Did ThatThat – Is a podcast with quick 20 min episodes that are topic specific, designed to put into action after you’ve finished listening. Super helpful with a huge array of topics.

Breakthrough Brand Podcast – If you aren’t following Elizabeth McCravy – go right now and find her on Instagram! She is amazing. Her podcasts are full of energy and her episodes cover mindset, website tips (she’s a website designer), branding, copywriting and so much more. I have never found an episode not relevant to me!


Dream Big Dream Big Podcast – For those who have known me for awhile, you know my love for Bob Goff runs deep. Go get one of his books or listen to his podcast to feel inspired and equipped for living authentically and radically. You will feel motivated to work on that dream you’ve been putting off and inspired to love people well. You won’t regret this podcast!

Unlocking Us – Brené Brown goes deep into all things human. She is a shame researcher, has published many books and her work is so insightful. I learn something new about myself and others every time I come into contact with her work. Listen to her podcast when you are ready for some self-reflection and heart change. So good.

Typology  – The Enneagram has been a huge part of my self-work and this podcast is just bursting with insight as they dive deep into the Enneagram with interviews of people who are in each of the types. Ian Morgan Cron published the book “The Road Back to You” which I cannot recommend enough!

Those are most of them!

I’d love to hear your favorites that didn’t make it onto my list and which ones are new to you!

Happy listening!

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