Navigating the Latest Instagram Updates: Tips to Elevate Your Interior Design Page

If you are on a quest to up-level your Instagram but struggle to wade through the recent Instagram updates, we have got you covered! As social media specialists for interior designers, we keep up with the latest Instagram updates so you don’t have to. Here are some exciting themes to take note of as an Interior Designer. 

Four Ways To Attract More Ideal Clients:  

First, don’t miss out on clients because you are missing one of these key profile features! Here are four things you can do right now to up-level your Instagram page.

  1. Put your title in bold:
    Underneath your profile photo on your account, you have the option to add your name, title, and location in bold. This shows up in searches so be sure to include a searchable keyword in your title.
  2. Add a location to your bio:
    You have the option to add your location at the bottom of your profile, don’t skip this step!
  3. Add location & relevant hashtags to posts:
    Add a relevant hashtag and your location to posts. This makes it easier for locals to find you and allows you to show up in the search bar with others in the area!
  4. Utilize your user name:
    Add your title or keywords to your username to make it more searchable!

Latest Instagram Updates:

  1. Scheduling – IG has rolled out an in-app scheduling feature! Although this feature doesn’t allow grid planning, you can still schedule a post for the future by scrolling down to advanced settings when you go to make a post. 
  2. Blue checkmark subscription – Instagram is allowing everyone to partake in the blue checkmark feature with a subscription payment of $14.99 a month. 
  3. Music for static posts – Instagram now allows you to add music to regular feed posts, not just reels! Try it out! 
  4. Multiple links – Some accounts can now add multiple links to their bio! 
  5. Keyword Search – Instagram now allows users to search for content by typing in keywords on the app’s search bar, making it easier to find relevant and interesting posts. Keep this in mind when writing your captions. This feature may make using hashtags obsolete!

It’s our job to keep up with updates and trends so you don’t have to! If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out! Send us an email – [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss these updates further with you.

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