Elevate Your Design Business: Streamline with Dubsado

As an interior designer, your focus is on creating spaces that tell a story and embrace form and function in harmony. Your portfolio tells a visual tale of dedication, vision, and style—but behind the scenes, managing the client experience can be less picture-perfect and messy. Enter Dubsado—a system that acts like your behind-the-scenes client manager—efficient, organized, and ready to make every client interaction as polished as your latest design reveal.

Why Systems are Important

Organization & Professionalism

Imagine all your client-facing documents, from proposals to presentations, nestled neatly in one central location. Organization isn’t just about control; it’s about creating more headspace to let your creativity flow without the clutter of confusion. With a system in place, you have a foundation of centralized information and consistent, repeatable steps—freeing you to focus on the design itself.

Your clients are investing in more than a service; they’re embracing an experience. Every touchpoint is part of a story you’re helping them weave. A dedicated system like Dubsado ensures that your professionalism shines through at every step, ensuring that the client experience mirrors the quality of your designs.

What Dubsado Can Do

From the first point of contact to the final goodbye email,  Dubsado tailors your administrative tasks into a seamless process. Configure contracts and proposals that mirror your sophistication and create questionnaires that dive deep into your client’s lifestyle. Templated emails save precious time, while the client portal keeps your clients informed. Scheduling meetings, sending confirmations, invoicing, presentations, feedback forms—it’s all there, wrapped in an interface that is customized with your brand’s aesthetic.

Steps to Setting Up Dubsado

Transitioning to Dubsado might feel more daunting than your upcoming renovation project, but it is worth it!  Begin by mapping out your client process. Lay it out as you would a mood board or a concept presentation; this is your blueprint. Next, input the information you already have and create additional content like email templates and forms. Bring in details of your brand by customizing your branding elements in your forms. Then, setup your scheduler, and build your workflows.

Client Experience Process for Interior Designers

With each client begins a new journey —with Dubsado, you ensure that journey will be enjoyable. From the moment they interact with your contact form to the personal response email sent, to scheduling that first consultation—the system is working behind the scenes to make their experience seamless, saving you hours! Employ Dubsado to send their proposal and contract, then welcome them with a beautiful welcome guide. Assign them design homework that feels like an exciting new journey and when ready, reveal your design presentation and collect feedback easily.

How Our Setups Work

At Hannah Bowyer & Co., we like to think of setting up Dubsado as a bespoke design—it needs to fit your process flawlessly. Through a process mapping meeting, we learn the intricacies of your process. We then gather your content, and start designing forms and workflows that fit your brand. Every workflow is reflective of your unique client process —well designed, supportive, and always exclusive to your way of working.

Hear It From Your Peers

From Parris:

“Working with Hannah Bowyer & Co. on my Dubsado setup took all the stress and guesswork out of getting started on a new platform!”

And from Kristen:

“HB & Co. was able to set up my workflows in Dubsado to function exactly how I had envisioned it.”

Ready to streamline with Dubsado? Connect with us at Hannah Bowyer & Co. so we can help you unlock your design business’s full potential.

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