Dreaming Big As An Entrepeneur

Being an entrepreneur is SCARY! It’s hard to look past your perceived limitations and DREAM BIG. Have you ever met a person that had this “nothing is impossible” outlook? I have this one friend that challenges me to dream. If she thinks of something new that excites her or inspires her, she doesn’t let the fear of not knowing how to do it stop her. She goes and learns what’s necessary to do that thing!

If you have been around in my Instagram community for any length of time, then you know that I love Bob Goff. He is the author of the books “Love Does”, “Everybody Always”, and his latest “Dream Big”. He lives large, loves big and dreams even bigger. Never have I met someone who has inspired me more! He has a podcast called the “Dream Big Podcast” and also does workshops to help define your dreams, identify the obstacles, and develop tools.

As a designer and entrepreneur, you have big dreams. I want to encourage you to take a good look at your business and life and see if they align with your dreams! Are you dreaming big enough? What are you believing?

It’s possible that as an entrepreneur you’ve done the next thing for quite a while now just trying to keep your business going. What if you stopped to take stock, to check-in with your dreams? Where do you want to take your business? What do you desire for your life? Do your actions match those ambitions?

Take those dreams and ask yourself honestly, “Why not?”

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